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Consider an endowment gift to Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Tech invites individuals, foundations and corporations who believe in the value of exemplary higher education to make endowment gifts to the university. According to renowned educator/engineer Charles Kettering, "The greatest thing this generation can do is lay a few stepping stones for the next generation." Endowment gifts can do precisely that.

Endowment gifts last forever

Donor gifts are invested, with the principal amount permanently remaining intact and earnings used annually for the purposes the donor wishes. The amount of each annual distribution is a percentage of the principal as set by the university's board of trustees (5% of a 12-quarter average).

Donors may restrict their endowment gifts to special areas of interest

For a minimum of $25,000, paid over an agreed-upon period of time, a separate endowment can be established, named as the donor wishes. Thus, a donor may create a new permanent endowment in his or her name or in the name of another. This offers an individual, foundation or company a chance to make an enduring statement of support for higher education, while at the same time, creating an endowment that can honor or memorialize the donor, a family member or friend in perpetuity.

An endowment gift to Florida Tech is a wise investment

The university has a well earned reputation for excellence. It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as a technological institution with a tradition of progressive education, a history of responsiveness to challenge, and the flexibility and vision to implement innovative teaching and research programs. Through endowment giving, you can provide ongoing support for exceptional scientific and technological education and research. As partners, you and Florida Tech can make a better world for ourselves and our children.

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