Why join the Panther Club?

As a Panther Club member and athletic partner, you are one of the truly special corporations or individuals who ensure the growth and success of Florida Tech Athletics.  With no state funding, the Florida Tech athletic program is completely self-supporting.  We rely on the extraordinary support of our Panther Club members to help our student athletes excel.  It is the Panther Club mission to help provide the resources necessary for our student athletes to compete at the highest athletic level.

During the 2010-2011 season, 104 Florida Tech student athletes earned a spot on the Sunshine State Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll.  26 athletes boasted a perfect 4.0 GPA!  Impressively, the cumulative GPA of Florida Tech’s student athletes is greater than the cumulative GPA of the university’s general student body, with 110 student athletes named on the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll.  Our student athletes have consistently proven their commitment to academic and athletic success, and not without your support.

Your Panther Club membership helps ensure that Florida Tech is able to provide the tools our student athletes need for their continued accomplishments on and off the field (or court, or pitch).  We know you take great pride in Florida Tech’s athletic and academic achievement and we want you to know how much we appreciate the vital role you play in our increasing success!

Donate today by becoming a Panther Club member or athletic partner, buy a Chopper Dropper ticket, attend the Sporting Affair fundraiser or just come watch our teams compete;  there are many ways to become involved with Florida Tech Athletics.  We sure hope you will!

Go Panthers!

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Gina Yates
Assistant Director of Athletic Partnerships
(321) 674-8428