Impact on Students

Scholarships drive the passion and guide the minds of generations of Florida Tech Panthers. Florida Institute of Technology has proven countless times in the ability to develop leaders in engineering, applied science, aeronautics, aviation, science, business, technology, psychology, and the liberal arts.

It is a top priority to recruit the best, most deserving students and provide the financial resources to achieve their goals. This starts with our ambitious Florida Tech scholarship program.

Donating to scholarships or graduate fellowships, makes a profound difference for individual students and the lives those students touch as graduates.

Scholarships Ensure Your Legacy

A gift can be directed in creative ways either by designating to an established scholarship or developing a new scholarship. Scholarships can be awarded based on academic achievement, economic need, volunteer services or extra-curricular activities. Scholarships enable the best students to come to Florida Tech regardless of financial hardship.

Graduate Fellowships Create Great Leaders

In technical fields such as chemical engineering or physics – fields in which Panthers have always excelled – entry level positions often require more than a bachelor’s degree.

Funding a named fellowship supports a graduate student. The amount of the award depends on the amount of the donation. This allows these talented students to complete their degrees and undertake research without the need for outside employment.

Students lives are forever changed by the generosity of our donors. Here is one student’s story.