College of Science

From biomedical science to astrophysics, the sciences and mathematics form a foundation upon which great advances in the human experience are made. Florida Tech’s College of Science trains future scientists and mathematicians to make the next great advances, we teach the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology to engineering students and others, and we train the next generation of STEM educators who will in turn teach our children. At the same time, the College of Science is an engine of discovery through world class, cutting-edge research. Our faculty make headlines regularly – from the mechanisms underlying debilitating diseases, to chemical countermeasures against weapons of mass destruction, to the physics of lightning and how to use new knowledge to protect people and property. Join us as we make the next great discoveries, as we train a new generation to make outstanding scientific progress and apply science to real-world problems, and as we educate the next wave of dedicated future teachers. Giving to Florida Tech’s College of Science represents an investment in the future of our society and our planet.

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